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If you’re being harassed by the IRS because of unpaid tax debt or unfiled tax returns, we know you’ve had some stressful days and sleepless nights. The first step to finally resolving your tax controversy for good is a free consultation with the tax experts at CLAW Tax Group.

From your first contact with us, you will be working directly with a tax expert, not a salesman like other, larger firms. And, remember: unlike many other tax relief companies, CLAW Tax Group won’t ask for a cent from you unless we honestly believe we can help you overcome your tax problems.

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Frequently asked questions

Need some help with your taxes, or have a burning question regarding the IRS? We’re here to help! Check our Resources page for more answers to frequently asked questions.

I think I’m qualified for a OIC. An "Offer in Compromise" sounds too good to be true. How can this be possible?
Only a very small portion of U.S. taxpayers are actually eligible for an Offer in Compromise. To qualify for an OIC, you must have been compliant for five years, so it’s not like the IRS is handing them out for nothing. The IRS wants to collect the full amount of money that you owe, and they will do everything in their power to seize any available income or assets you have until they’re paid in full. That said, the government needs you to actively participate in the economy, so, in rare instances–and after long and difficult negotiations–the IRS may be willing to forgive a portion of your debts through an Offer in Compromise agreement.
Is it possible to prevent the IRS from filing a tax lien?
Once the IRS has issued a Notice of Intent to file a federal tax lien, very little can be done to prevent the IRS from filing the lien. However, CLAW Tax Group can help you evaluate ways to release the federal tax lien after it has been filed at the local courthouse.
I received a letter from the IRS with a demand to pay by a certain date. What should I do if I don't have the money to pay by the deadline?

Ignoring IRS deadlines can have far-reaching negative consequences and cause irreparable financial harm. You should request your free consultation immediately to see how CLAW Tax Group can help.